Karina Garcia Dominguez is a Mexican artist from Oaxaca de Juaréz, currently living in Paris, France.

Karina's work is the result of an assemblage of concepts into oneiric clusters, through subjective forms of construction and deconstruction. The permutations between multiple pieces are invitations to travel through alternative, and dream-like worlds.

Her art is based on the appropriation of objects and images of diverse aesthetics, which break into various classifications according to her interests, and artistic vision.

The raw materials are reworked using multiple techniques and supports, like artist's books, painting, collage, found objects and contemporary graphics. These are intertwined with continuous aesthetics concerns such as juxtaposition, and modification of color or textures. In certain artworks, this translates into a dimensional game using digital scanning and magnification.

This transformation process is a work plan rather than a definitive schematic.

In its final form, Karina's artwork offers a visual contrast in both textures and colors: with aesthetics ranging from figuration to abstraction, and forms such as landscape, still lifes, and portraits. But it is the permutations that potentially contain the value of what she read.


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